More and more people are using CCTV to monitor their property, both inside and out. In the event of a break-in, you have evidence for the police to help identify the culprit and also proof of what was taken for your insurance company.

As with all our systems, we will visit you to make a full assessment of your property and your needs to make sure we give you the most suitable CCTV system.

Our engineers will place the cameras in the best place. To the untrained eye this may seem straightforward, but we will make sure that all areas are covered.

The CCTV will record only while it is turned on and we recommend that it is left on all the time. Recording times will vary and you will be provided with a system which adequately fits your needs. CCTV can record to a digital or network recorder, allowing you to make copies if needed and the system can be connected to a screen, such as a TV screen or smart device, so you can monitor what is happening at any given time.

There are 3 types of CCTV system available:

  • Analogue which connects via a cable.
  • High Definition Analogue, which connects via a cable but provides clearer images than normal analogue.
  • IP System, which connects via an IP connection. These systems do not require a set screen and can be used with laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Whether you have a large business premises or a smaller home, our CCTV systems can be adapted to the space available and to your individual security requirements.


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