Access Control

Controlling who does and does not enter a property is a basic step for security. Both domestic properties and businesses can use an access control system.

There are options available for houses to larger companies and our systems can be tailored to any size of property. Effective door access control systems allow you to monitor everyone who enters your property, showing their time of arrival and time of departure. If some areas are more restricted than others, you can set access to only certain individuals.

There are a number of methods you can use to control access and we can advise you on which systems best matches your needs.

A key fob access contains a chip which connects to a central database. Swiping the fob across a control panel will open the door. For employees this is an easy method as the fob can be carried on a key ring.

A key control system uses a code which is punched in and then opens the door. Combining this with a key card provides extra security, and using a card means you know who has and hasn’t entered the building.

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